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Enjoy Beautiful Crystal!
Fill Your Life With RAINBOWS!

Specializing in Swarovski
and other Fine Crystal
~ Since 1998! ~

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Fill Your Life With RAINBOWS!
~ Specializing in Swarovski and other Fine Crystal Since 1998! ~

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Sundrop Crystal

Enjoy Beautiful Crystal!
Fill Your Life With RAINBOWS!

Specializing in Swarovski
and other Fine Crystal
~ Since 1998! ~

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~ About Our Crystals ~
Riots of Colorful Rainbows!   ~ CRYSTALS ~ CRYSTALS ~ All About Crystals! ~

 mm Size - Size of crystal in millimeters.  25 mm is one inch. 50 mm is 2 inches. Use your ruler to translate! See Our Easy Guide To Crystal Sizes!
 abColor - aurora borealis - a 24K gold coating fused to surface of crystal. Subtle, flashy, and iridescent, appears gold against black.
  vm Color - vitrail medium - a brilliantly colored coating which creates deep green, magenta, deep blue, and more.
  vl Color - vitrail light - this crystal coating produces pale pinks, lavenders, and pastel blues.
  gb Color - glacier blue - a pale shimmery coating similar to ab, but appears pale blue against black (ab is gold against black).
  bb Color - bermuda blue - coating of very deep sparkling blue and turquoise.
  ht Color - heliotrope - luscious deep purple coating, with deep blue and turquoise highlights.
  gem Color - gem color is color WITHIN the crystal itself, not a coating. The crystal is colored throughout like stained glass or a lovely Gemstone. There are MANY sparkling shades! Blues, Greens, Red, Topaz, Pink, Purple! See the Crystal Ball Page for the biggest selection of Wonderful Colors!
  more Color - More! There are new colors and color coatings every day. These are described throughout the website! Enjoy!
VM color coat Blue Gem Color with AB coating Bermuda Blue crystal color coating

CRYSTALS! ~ Jewelry for your windows!  Dazzling diamonds, flashing with brilliance and making beautiful Rainbows to delight you! We offer a large assortment of shapes, sizes, and even colors! Enjoying a window full of crystals can be as relaxing as watching an aquarium full of fish - With much less maintenance required! Try some crystals today - You will fall in love with them!

SIZES ~ Crystals are made in Europe and are measured in millimeters (mm or MM). See Our Guide to Crystal Sizes for help. Any ordinary ruler will show you both inches and millimeters so you can become familiar with the sizes. An item listed as "38mm" is a clear, colorless crystal that is 38mm in size. Colors are listed as 38ab, 38vm, 38vl, etc. The number (38) refers to the size of the crystal, and the letters indicate the color. ~ Crystal sizes can be deceiving. Crystals are heavier, bulkier, and larger in ALL dimensions with each size increase. Two or more crystals of the same style but different sizes can be extremely interesting together. Their appearances will be remarkably different! In larger crystals, the facet patterns are more pronounced, the brilliance is more obvious, the shape is more easily appreciated, and the rainbows are larger! A grouping of large crystals can take your breath away!

COLORS ~ It seems difficult to improve on the incredible beauty of pure "crystal clear" colorless crystal ornaments. But, colors can, indeed, enhance this splendor. There a number of dramatic colors available! Several (or several dozen) colorless crystals displayed together in a sunny window will create an abundance of rainbows and a very beautiful overall effect. ~ In lower light, such as a northern window, you may want pieces with ab (AB or aurora borealis) coating. You can easily mix and match clear and ab crystals. ~ Gem color pieces allow the light to shine through them like stained glass. They add brilliant jewel colors to a collection. They also sparkle and make rainbows! ~ Color coatings such as vm, vl, bb, and ht are stunningly brilliant and beautiful. But, they are opaque. They are best when the light shines ONTO their surface, not through them. Use them for bright accents, or decorate a mirror or wall. These color coatings are fabulous for jewelry! Don't forget to visit our Jazzy Jewelry section!

AURORA BOREALIS ~ (ab or AB) - The aurora borealis 24K gold coating deserves further mention. This coating is light and subtle, but is NOT invisible. It is flashy but allows light to pass through, so the crystal can still create rainbows. Plus, the coating produces its own rainbow colors, even in low light. Colors may range from pale gold to bright blue, green, and magenta. And, the colors will splash onto surfaces all around the crystal! Aurora borealis coating can be a very beautiful addition to a crystal.

SWAROVSKI ~ The Daniel Swarovski company of Austria was founded in 1895. Swarovski excels at making beautiful crystal in many forms! You may be familiar with the Swarovski Silver Crystal figurines. The silver crystal was so named because of its brilliance and silvery sheen when held up to light. Crystal is not made with silver, though! It is made with lead. The addition of lead to extremely pure glass in the manufacturing process increases clarity and brilliance. This results in the dazzling product known as crystal. Our crystals are crafted of the same purest crystal available, and precision finished to provide you with years of delight. The superior quality of the cutting and polishing of crystal pieces has made Swarovski a world leader in the production of beautiful crystal.

DECORATING ~ Our carefully created prisms and decorative shapes are designed to collect, reflect, and refract light. In bright sunshine, they will produce rainbows! In any light, they will shimmer and flash with a sparkling beauty. Decorate your windows, your glass doors, and your skylights. Combine crystals with hanging plants. Delight everyone in your home with rainbows dancing in your rooms. Crystals can enhance even a shaded or northern exposure window. Crystal is beautiful in low light as well as in bright sunshine. Crystals will even make rainbows in the light of a full moon! And, if you can't leave home without them, crystals make Gorgeous, Stunning Jewelry!

HANGING ~ We DO NOT recommend using suction cups to hang crystals by sticking them to a window. The suction cups WILL let go and fall down, and the crystals will break. In addition, the crystals will not be able to move if they are up against the window glass. It is fun to have the crystals SLIGHTLY away from the window so that a light breeze will move them. When they move the sparkles and rainbows move, too! Hang from a curtain rod, small nails in the top of the window frame, hooks in the window frame or ceiling, etc. If you use a Tension Rod, make sure to tie safety lines on both ends of it. Tension Rods like to let go and fall down and break your crystals! Tie them up just in case! Some fishing line tied to the rod and attached to a nail above the window will be invisible and will save your crystals and keep you happy!

DOUG'S TRICK ~ Look it up and put it here.

IDEA ~ Large crystals make large rainbows! And, to fill in spaces between large crystals, choose tiny sizes to add sparkling interest and a reason to go to the window for a close up look! Small crystals add contrast and beauty to a collection. A mixture will provide variety - And the view will never lose its fascination!

CLEANING ~ Don't worry, keeping crystals clean is very simple! Just give them a quick bath occasionally. Fill a large coffee mug with warm (not hot) soapy water, and another mug with warm rinse water. Take your two mugs and a small cloth towel to your crystals. Hold the mug of soapy water up under one crystal, and soak for a few seconds. Rinse in the clear water. Massage dry with the cloth to restore the original shine! Repeat for each crystal in turn. No tangles, no hassle. You can clean a dozen or two in just a few minutes!

DISPLAYING ~ Placing a group of crystals in a window can be very easy. Hang your crystals as close to the window as possible, so they will gather the most light. But, hang your crystals far enough AWAY from the window so that they can completely turn around. Their movement adds greatly to their beauty! Find a way to hang an extra curtain rod for your crystals. Use a tension rod (tie it with safety lines) in the window frame, or hang an attractive rod from hooks in the ceiling. You can create a beautiful arrangement by varying the heights and spacing of your crystals along the length of the rod. Another quick and easy idea is to use pushpins in the top of the window casing, out of sight. Use your imagination!
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The Swarovski Strass Logo
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Thank You For Your Interest in Swarovski Crystals!
  ~ Birthstones and Anniversary Gifts ~  
~ Birthstones and Anniversary Gifts ~
~ Information Coming Soon ~

Questions?  ~  Just Email Us At:   Thanks!

Thank You For Your Interest in Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Gifts!


Welcome to Sundrop Crystal!   Looking for a treasure for yourself or a lasting gift for a friend or loved one? You will find beautiful ideas in these pages!
Light up your Life   with genuine lead crystal ornaments that catch the sun and transform it into dancing rainbows! Enjoy the sparkling beauty of the crystals in any light. Choose several sizes and shapes and create a display that will make you proud! Crystals are easy to care for and a joy to own. Start, or add to, your collection today! Large, small, rounded or angular, each is a gem in its own right. Enjoy them all!
These lovely ornaments   are available in an astonishing array of sizes and shapes! Match a spherical one with an angular one for contrast in form. Use a large chunky one and several smaller, more delicate ones in a harmonious pattern. Make an arrangement that is pleasing to the eye in any light condition! In a light breeze on a cloudy day, you will be awed by the beauty of the facets gleaming and flashing even in very little light. On sunny days, be ready for a riot of rainbow colors on your walls, ceiling, and floors!
Warning ~   Gazing at rainbows can be addictive!
Do You Have   a glass sliding door, a French door, a picture window, a small window, a favorite sunny spot? A hanging plant collection that can use adornment? Do you need a little something to dress up those glass spaces? Are you looking for just the perfect touch to grace your windows? You can add sparkle, quality, and interest to those windows! We have just what you are looking for!
Every Crystal Shape   makes a different pattern of rainbows and light. Please enjoy our beautiful online web-catalog, and learn how to decorate with crystals! The beauty of crystals will stun you!  Try some Today!!

Once Upon A Time ~   Karen, the Founder of Sundrop Crystal, loves anything that is SPARKLY! One day she found a large octagonal crystal at a kiosk in the center of a shopping mall. It was Glass, it was Beautiful, it was Smooth and Large, and she bought it. It was a marvelous shiny thing. It had a string on it and she hung it up that night on a glass door. When the sun came out the next day, OH, the crystal made a Huge Colorful Rainbow!!! Karen nearly had to quit her job to stay home and watch this! She invited people over just to see the rainbow! It was amazing. This was a complete surprise and Karen was in love with her crystal. Then, ~ She wanted more. She looked in the local area. No crystals! She looked every time she went away. No crystals. She took a vacation far away from home and looked there for crystals. None could be found. She went even further away, and stopped at a place she had been before, just to show the place to her husband. While exploring this place, a crystal shop was found!! Karen purchased so many crystals that the people in the store gave her a business card that read "Wholesale Inquiries Welcome". A few years went by, and one day Karen made that inquiry. She wished to make crystals available to everyone who wanted them. She knew how difficult they were to find. And she knew about the perfectly wonderful rainbows! On May 29, 1998, Sundrop Crystal was born. Many thousands of crystals have been sold since! Lots and lots of rainbows are being created in the world from beautiful crystals from Sundrop Crystal! All because Karen fell in love with an amazing beautiful crystal and discovered the fabulous Rainbows it made!  Enjoy! ~

Sundrop Crystal is located in New Hampshire, U.S.A. Here’s a Map! (Sorry ~ NO, We DO NOT have a Shop.)
We have been in business selling Beautiful Crystals ALL OVER THE WORLD since May, 1998!

Sundrop Crystal is in New Hampshire, USA! We are not far from Boston. Here is a Map. Sundrop Crystal is in New Hampshire, USA! We are not far from Boston! Here is a Map.
Sundrop Crystal Has Austrian Swarovski Lead Crystal Prisms. Crystals Hanging in Your windows Make Splashes of Rainbows!

~ Tell a Friend About This Page ~

Dear Sundrop... When I got home last night the package was waiting for me. Thanks for the wonderful packaging... It is a gift, and now I’m not even going to bother wrapping it! I will definitely be doing business through your site again... I have had the worst time finding prisms... You'd think they’d be easier to find. Your site is bookmarked! Thanks again, and have a great day! Janna